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Are you an employer frustrated with trying to recruit, screen, and hire qualified individuals for your organization? Or maybe you are a professional looking for your next opportunity? Wherever you are in your career, our Staffing Agency in Fargo, North Dakota, we can help you find the right opportunity to hire and be hired in an arrangement that will put you or your organization on the map.

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Our Promise to You: Professional Customer Services

Whether you have short-term, long-term, or project-based needs for office support, our Dakota Staffing Solutions at AGG Travel Agency can provide you with the qualified people you need to keep your organization running smoothly and efficiently. Our clerical, office, and executive/professional candidates are thoroughly screened and evaluated to ensure that they have the skills they need to do the job.

Let Us Provide You with that Competitive Advantage

Don’t compromise your potential, enlist our staffing services today and be the best you can possibly be.

If you are an employer looking for the next great addition to your team, please begin the process by knowing about what we can do for you here.

If you are a candidate looking for your next big opportunity, please see our job and interview process and our available positions here.

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