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The Challenges of Finding the Right Candidate


The whole employment process is not easy. While the specific challenges can vary depending on the size of your organization or company, ultimately, there are a few common ones that most companies may have already faced or are currently facing.

Below are some common recruiting challenges:

  • The inverse relationship between the number of open positions and the available talent. There are not enough available medical personnel to cover the positions that healthcare organizations need.
  • Attracting the most appropriate candidate. In a pool of talents, you may be able to choose the best candidate who is available at that certain time, but you may not be able to acquire the best one that is the most suitable for the job.
  • Developing a strong and stable employer brand. When it comes to recruiting, it is essential to have a good or even outstanding employer brand. The more you invest in employer branding, the more likely you will be able to hire excellent candidates.
  • Delays in operations. When you have vacant positions in your organization, you will more likely experience delays or interruptions in your operations. It is a great challenge to hire candidates as fast as possible to increase efficiency and productivity in the organization.

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