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Why Employee Background Checks are Advantageous


Hiring disasters are more likely if you don’t do your background checks well enough. Nowadays, it’s easy to fool anyone about your information, so hiring managers beware! As a provider of quality staffing solutions, you need to keep in mind that providing your clients with reliable professionals is vital, especially when it comes to healthcare staffing in North Dakota.

At AGG Travel Agency, we take the screening process seriously. Background checks are important to guarantee and save your company from a negligent-hiring lawsuit by weeding out applicants with a criminal background.

As a staffing agency in Fargo, North Dakota, we see to it that each candidate we screen passes our criteria and the needs of our clients. As such, we perform thorough checks to yield the following advantages:

  • Identity
    Background checks can identify those who are using fake identities. Thorough checks should include looking at their Social Security trace, verification of an applicant’s I-9 Form, and searching the homeland’s global database.
  • Overall Experience
    This means their education and job experience. See to it that the candidate has received any degrees and licenses that appear on their resume. Checking their job experience also entails looking at their progress in their previous work, their behavior, and how they performed.
  • Legal History
    As mentioned, you should look out for candidates with criminal backgrounds, such as driving records involving a company vehicle, civil lawsuits less than seven years old, sex offender data for at-risk jobs, and county, state, or federal convictions.

Being a travel agency requires secure and trustworthy services to strengthen your relationship with your clients and employees. Background checks can help you do that.

To learn more about how we can help you, feel free to send us a message.

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